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General Admission

Doors Open at 7:00pm

Private Reserve

Doors Open at 6:00pm

By car - south student parking lot with pre-purchased pass. All other campus parking is restricted.

Shuttle - the CBE Shuttle will drop guests off at the Jack Witry Field House Entrance.

Rideshare, taxi, drop-off - guests should be dropped off at the pedestrian gate at the south corner of Br. Bertram Hall and must walk to the Jack Witry Field House Entrance. NO drop-off cars are permitted beyond the parking lot gates.

Please note that all other gates on campus (including the Front Office, faculty parking lot, etc) will be closed to entry.


The CB Extravaganza ends at 10:00pm.

Shuttle - please proceed to the CBE Shuttle pick-up area at the Cafeteria/Nunan Family Grove gate.

Rideshare, taxi, drop-off - guests should leave through the Front Office gate (gate opens at 9:30pm) and find their drivers in the pick-up zone by the flagpole.

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